Ekart PCM : The Backbone of Indian E-Commerce Deliveries

Ekart PCM

The most important things in the e-commerce industry are prompt delivery and effective logistics. The quick ascent to prominence of PCM Ekart among the many well-known players in the e-commerce industry is evidence of its cutting-edge service. Its service is the greatest because of its cutting-edge technology, smooth operations, and customer-centric approach. In e-commerce logistics, it is now widely recognized as a symbol of dependability and efficiency. In this article we are going to discuss about ekart pcm. Along with its features and process to register on the portal. So read the article carefully to learn more about the platform.

Highlights of Ekart PCM

NameEkart PCM
HeadquartersBangalore, Karnataka, India           
Area served3800+ pin codes in India
Key peopleNeeraj Aggarwal (Vice President)Kalyan Krishnamurthy (CEO)

Know About Ekart PCM

Ekart PCM, or Ekart Partner Center, is the most reputable and popular courier service provider in India. The Plateform was launched in 2009 by the two close friend Kalyan Krishnamurty and Neeraj Aggarwal. A number of advantages set it apart from other modes of transportation, including its emphasis on personal mobility. The Ekart app is transforming people’s transportation with its user-friendly interface and straightforward controls. Ekart is responsible for almost 75% of Flipkart’s deliveries.

Features of Ekart PCM

You are aware that features are crucial to the company’s success. The following are the limited functionalities that Ekart PCM provides to the user:

  • Reliability: It takes great satisfaction in its ability to consistently deliver packages on schedule. Clients may have peace of mind knowing exactly where their delivery is at all times by using the real-time shipping tracking feature.
  • Fast delivery: There are choices for regular, accelerated, same-day, and next-day delivery. Skilled drivers and automobiles are also present. They promise prompt and safe delivery of items.
  • Trackable shipments: Real-time shipping tracking is available via the app or website. Customers can also receive updates about their purchases via SMS or email.
  • Security: One of the main priorities of EkartPCM is package security. Every package is handled carefully and gets to its destination without incident. Clients may relax knowing that their belongings are in capable hands.
  • Efficiency: It recognizes that delivery times are critical and takes this into account. When goods are delivered efficiently and quickly because of their efficient logistics network, customers save time and hassle.
  • Cost-Effective: This platform is affordable in addition to providing excellent services. It is an economical choice for companies of all sizes since customers can take advantage of reasonable pricing for their shipping requirements.

How does Ekart PCM work?

The way Ekart PCM operates is by giving clients a flawless shipping experience from beginning to end. This is how it operates:

  • Reservation: Clients may make reservations for their shipments via the Ekart app or online. Customers are able to select the delivery option of their choice and set up a time for pickup that is most convenient.
  • Tracking: Customers may use the Ekart tracking system to follow the package’s route in real time when it is picked up. This allows them to stay informed at every turn.
  • Delivery: Items are sent to their destination swiftly and effectively, guaranteeing prompt arrival and client satisfaction.

Process to Register for the Ekart Partner Center

One of the simplest things to do is to register on this platform. Moreover, follow the below given steps to become a partner at Ekart Partner Center.

  • The first step is to select “BROWSER” from your current device.
  • Once you have selected, you need to visit the Ekart official website.
  • Then, if you need to be in the center of Ekart, you need to click on the “Partner with us” button.
  • Then you need to fill if details in the required fields. Like company name, number, email ID, and type of partnership center you want.
  • After that, you need to click on the “SUMBIT” option..
  • Then you need to want the exucative person to contact you as soon as possible.

Ekart PCM Login Process

Once you have successfully registered on the website, follow the given below step provided below to access the portal: –

  • Start by typing Ekart PCM into the Google search bar.
  • The first number in front of you will then display the website URL. You must then click on the identical URL.
  • Next, you must enter your login credentials, including your username and password.
  • Once you have accurately entered your username and password, click “Login”.
  • You should get in touch with the website administrator if you are unable to remember your username or password for this login page.
  • The password will be sent to your email address shortly by the website administrator. Once more, you navigate to the login screen and accurately input your password and username. As a result, utilizing this approach to log in and view the website’s dashboard is simple.

Advantages of Ekart PCM

This website, as you know, is used all over the world and has a number of benefits. These benefits include:

  • Save money: By utilizing the website as their courier service, customers may save money. For many things, the website offers free or significantly cheap delivery. By working with Ekart as their logistics partner, sellers might save money. The business offers them rewards and discounts.
  • Save time: By using the website as their courier service, customers may receive their things more swiftly and conveniently, saving them time. Because Ekart makes it easy for sellers to have their things picked up and delivered, sellers may also save time by choosing Ekart as their logistics partner.
  • Enhanced trust: Consumers use the Flipkart website to send and receive packages. They could have more faith in the business. They are certain that their things will reach them undamaged and securely. 

Disadvantages of the Ekart PCM

The extensive use of the website presents a number of challenges, some of which are enumerated below:

  • Legal issues: A number of government bodies and rival businesses are suing the website. They claim that it violated regulations and industry norms for courier services. For a variety of reasons, buyers and sellers may contest the platform in court. They have the right to file complaints or lawsuits against the website.
  • Risks to security: There’s a potential that several kinds of assaults and threats might erode its data or operations. These include theft, fraud, sabotage, vandalism, and cyberattacks.
  • Quality problems: There are a number of problems with the website’s quality that could compromise its reputation or usability. 


In the e-commerce industry, PCM Ekart is flourishing because of its superior service. They take a customer-centric approach and provide them with innovative solutions. In order to take the lead in the e-commerce logistics sector, they are headed in the correct direction. Partners, retailers, and consumers all stand to gain the most from its login portal. It has a promising future and strong development due to the expanding e-commerce sector.


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Which methods of payment are accepted by PCM Ekart?

PCM eKart accepts a number of payment options, such as cash on delivery, net banking, and credit/debit cards.

What is the duration of shipment for PCM Ekart?

The shipment time will depend on the product or products you bought and your location. However, PCM EKART makes every effort to complete your orders as quickly as possible.

Can I use PCM eKart to track my order?

Yes, PCM eKart provides order tracking so you can keep track of the progress of your delivery at all times.

Are international shipping services provided by PCM Ekart?

Yes, PCM Ekart ships internationally to a few different nations. For further details about foreign shipping costs and delivery schedules, kindly visit our website.

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